Georgian Surnames

George Machabeli

Famous perfumer

Prince George Vassilievich Machabeli (Matchabelli) - Georgia's ambassador in Italy, studied chemistry in Berlin.

After World War I George married actress Norina Gilli. After occupation of Georgia by Lenin Russia (1921), Machabeli immigrated to the United States.

In 1926 George and Norina established "Prince Matchabelli Perfume Company". The company became known for color-coded, crown-shaped bottles that housed such classics as Wind Song, Ave Maria, and Princess Norina.

In 1933 George and Norina divorced.

Prince George Machabeli died in 1935.


Ivane Machabeli

Georgian writer and translator


Prince Ivane G. Machabeli was born on January 28, 1854 in Tamarasheni, Samachablo (now called the Tskhinvali region), Eastern Georgia.

In 1870 he graduated from the Georgian Gimnazium of Tbilisi.

In 1871-74 he graduated from the Law Department of St. Petersburg University.

In 1874-77 he studied in the Academy of Hoppenheim (Germany) and Sorbon University, Paris (France).

In 1879 Machabeli returned to Georgia.

In 1882-83 he was a editor of Georgian public and political periodical "Iveria"

In 1883-85 he was a editor of newspaper "Droeba".

On June 26, 1898 Machabeli disappeared.


Ivane Machabeli was the 19th century writer and famous for his translations of William Shakespeare's plays from English into Georgian: "King Lear" (1874), "Hamlet" (1886), "Macbeth" (1892), "Richard III" (1893), "Julius Caesar" (1896), "Antony and Cleopatra" (1898), "Coriolanus" (1898).


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