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asomTavruli - Zveli qarTul-Sumeruli anbani

Asomtavruli - old Georgian-Sumerian alphabet (284 BC)

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Mkhedruli - contemporary Georgian alphabet



The Sumerian clay tablet depicting "ki" dating from 5000 B.C.

Mankind's first calendar with the pictures of the four sources of life - the air, the water, the earth, four cardinal points, twelve months.

The Sumerian clay tablet depicting "ki" dating from 5000 B.C. "Ki" dating from 2000 B.C. Georgia "Ki" dating from 2000 B.C. Racha, Georgia

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(The beginning of ancient oriental civilizations of the Universe)

Address to the world scientists, orientalists, researchers, archaeologists, alphabet researchers, UNESCO

The great Georgian scientist Ivane Javakhishvili said about the alphabet linear system: "The Georgian alphabet ancient form and its gradual evolution had not yet been studied and still attempts were made at solving such complex questions as, for instance, its origin. People, hwo had specially studied the Georgian alphabet irogon, were not adequately equipped with either the Georgian or other language script and its graphical evolution knowledge." The formula found by us has explained the system of our alphabet as well as of others. The same formula confirms the ancient cuneiform notebooks and their cursive system - it has become possible to decipher Sumerian clay tables and stamps dating back to 5 000 year B.C., the ones, which had not been the world Sumerologists.

This alphabet contains the pantheon of the deities of the universe, a gathering, initiating all religious trends of humankind.

The Georgian majuscule (Asomtavruli) is the Sumerian alphabet!

In the Sumerian alphabet the sun and the moon are represented by letter signs; a - the letter "a", bearing the ancient name of the moon, d - letter "d", is the sun, used by illiterate ancient people as words; not being able to write the word "moon" they drew the picture of the moon itself, likewise - of the sun. Not knowing letters, they drew the pictures of the objects. This is the way the illiterate world created pictoral writing, considered by people and scientists today as the first, initial stage of writing. Sumerian tables dating back to 5 000 B.C., vessels, clay and iron stamps, sarcofagus inscriptions, Sumerian alphabet letter-signs dating back to the same period, considered by the world scientists to be words and not letters, ascertain, that it is not so and that our discovery shoud be true.

Our discoveries with a surprising precision match the ideas and investigations of the American scientist Samuel N. Kramer, given in his book "History Begins with Sumer", as to us, we say, that alphabet begins with Sumer and up to now no scientist in the world has been able to prove it, since no one has ever approache Sumers' old writings with the Georgian majuscule in mind; Sumerians inherited the alphabet from the moment they appeared on the earth, in the same way as in the universe there exists a metal with the name of "amutum", not found on the earth, worth 5 times the price of gold and 40 times the price of silver.

The Sumerian alphabet had to be traced and actually was reconstructed through the linear formula saved by the Caucasian mountain depositories and the ancient colored clay tablet at the Ankara Museum of Ancient History, which an English scholar Melart dates 6 500 - 5 600 B.C., thus by 900 years preceding our dating, the year 5 600; however, this all the more substantiates our finding and coincides with the year 5 600.

There is no other discovery in the world that can boast such time and linear coincidence. Here the mountain depositories have retained the great culture of the civilization of the Universe which in the entire East was buried by eligion. This ancient culture was demolished by Christianity in Georgia and by in Asia Minor and Near East.

The initial ancient Sumerian words are with a surprising precision interpreted by the languages retained in Georgia: Mengrelian, Svanian and Georgian itself (these langeages and the people, considered by the world scientists to be dead and demolished, have been preserved and are alive here, in Georgia).

With our studies in mind the world peoples' alphabets distribution diagram acquires an entirely different aspect.

The universal civilization presence in the alphabet is proved by the Sun and Moon calendar calculating the four seasons on the earth with the precision to a second and distributing the time with the precision, similar to which is unknown even to mankind on its present stage.

And lastly, Sumerian alphabet - the Georgian majuscule, known as the Sun and Moon calendar, is constituted by the universal civilization formula and is the source of the earth humankind education. The solution, understanding and finding of these educational mysteries will place the human history and thinking on a totally different road.

The Sumerian, i.e. Georgian Asomtavruli alphabet is the begining of all ancient eastern civilizations, the acquaintance with which allows world orientalists to solve all mysteries, all unsolved problems of the ancient history it abounds in.

Our discoveries require that all the archeological materials found by mankind in the earth's depths concerning Sumerians be reconsidered.

Doctor of historical sciences, prof. Teimuraz Mibchuani,

Zurab Kapianidze


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