Georgian Surnames

Akaki Tsereteli


He was born in the village Skhvitori (west Georgia). Graduated from Kutaisi Gimnasium, then entered and graduated from the faculty of eastern languages at the St. Peterbu rg University . Some time he lived in Moscow, got married and then with his wife and daughter came back in Georgia.

All his life Akaki Tsereteli dedicated to the literature. He was poet and writer, satirist and children writer, also public and theatrical figure. He was an outstanding representative of national-liberation moving, one of the founders of "critical realism " and new Georgian language and literature. His poems: "Tornike Eristavi", "Natela", "The Tutor", a story "Bashi-Achuki", belong to the most remarkable works of the georgian literature. Many his verses georgians know by heart, and world-wide are the song s by these verses: "Suliko", "Tsitsinatela".