Georgian Surnames

Pridon Khalvashi

Georgian writer

Pridon Khalvashi was born  on May 17, 1925,  in Keda-village (Adjara, western Georgia).

In 1950  he graduated from the Pedagogical Institute of Batumi.

In 1957  he graduated from the Supreme Lit-courses of Moscow Institute of Literature.

In 1995-1999 he was a  Member of the Georgian Parliament.


Sofico Khalvashi


Sofico Khalvashi was born on May 31, 1986 in Batumi, Georgia.

Sofico lives in Batumi. She is studying on the fourth course of musical school (piano and oboe).

She is the winner of the musical contest of young singers "School of Nutsa - 2004" (Tbilisi, Georgia).

Third Prize - International Competition of Young Singers of Popular Music "New Wave 2006" ( Jurmala, Latvia).

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