Georgian Surnames

Zurab Kapianidze

Philologist and Actor

Zurab Kapianidze was born  on April 1, 1937,  in Nakieti-village (Racha, western Georgia).

Education: Kutaisi Pedagogical Institute, Philologist; Tbilisi State Institute of Theatre, Actor.

In 1999-2003 he was a  Member of the Georgian Parliament.

Kapianidze is a philologist, founder and published a scientific newspaper: "The Sumer". a book "The Sumerian Alphabet the Georgian Asomtavruli", posters: "A New Diagram of the Mankind's Alphabets Distribution" and "Mankind's First Alphabetic the Sun and the Moon Calendar". In the result of a 40-year-long hard work explained Sumerian clay tablets and stamps dating from 5th-3rd millennium B.C., a linear system of the ornaments on Sumerian clay vessels and sarcophagus inscriptions, discovered the alphabet numerical, linear and cosmic system formula, which has disclosed the Sumerian origin of the old Georgian Asomtavruli, established mankind's first alphabetic writing systems and reconstructed the Sumerian calendar dating back to 5604 B.C. where everything is defined with a precision to a second.

He's a People's artist of Georgia (1979) and laureat of the Rustaveli prize (1985).

Actor - filmography: Chyornyj prints Adzhuba (1991), New Arkadia (1986), The Fastest People in the World (1985), The Nylon Christmas Tree (1985), A Brigand from a Brick Factory (1983), Tsigni pitsisa (1983), Tbilisi, Parizi, Tbilisi (1980), The New Adventures of Captain Vrungel (1978), Data Tutashkhia (1977), Amagleba - Living Legends (1976), The Little Town of Anara (1976), Story of Ivane Kotorashvili (1974), Poem of Kovpak (1973), The Marriage (1972), Gladiator (1972), Daisi (1971), Star of My City (1970), Chermen (1970), Didostatis Marjvena (1969), Gimilis bichebi (1969), Don't Grieve (1969), Pirosmani (1969), Chained Island (1968, Tariel Golua (1968), Morning Bells (1967), Vedreba - The Entreaty (1967), The Plea Londre (1966), Khevsurian Ballad (1965) and etc.