Georgian Surnames

George Jordania

 George (Giorgi) Jordania was born in a family of musicians in 1964 in Tbilisi, Georgia. After attending Tbilisi State Conservatoire and Leningrad State Conservatoire, Jordania continued his studies at a `post-graduate` level at the University of Tennesse (USA) under the guidance of his father, the `well-known` conductor Vakhtang Jordania. While studying there George Jordania was the conductor of the student orchestra. He was also assistant conductor of the Chattanooga Opera and the Symphony Orchestra.

In 1990 he made his professional American debut with the Chattanooga Symphony orchestra in front of a appearing of 30000 people.

After returning to Georgia in 1991 Jordania started his career as a conductor at Z. Paliashvili Tbilisi State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. His active concert life had started. He is frequently invited to Russia and Ukraine, where he has been appointed a principal guest conductor of the Kharkov State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the Kharkov Philharmonic Orchestra and the Russian Federal Orchestra in Moscow. He was also invited to Denver, Arizona and to Cape Town several times. He is known not only in his motherland but also abroad.  

 Since 1999, George Jordania has been the principle conductor of the Georgian State Chamber Orchestra.


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