Georgian Surnames

Iakob Gogebashvili


He was born in the village Variani (district of Gori). Studied in Gori , then in Tbilisi, then at the ecclesiastical Academy in Kiev (capital of Ukraine). He learnt branches of science, got acquainted with the works of Darvin, Pestallozy, Kamensky, Rousseau, Ushinsky.

Iakob Gogebashvili strove ot make literary language accessible for the Georgian people. He was the first to work out a new theory on upbringing, education and methods of teaching. In the different times he worked as a teacher, school-inspector, fought act ively against physical puchishment in schools. As a result of it, he created unique text-books: "Dedaena" (Mother Tongue), "ABC Book", "Bunebis Kari" (Key to the Nature). "Dedaena" is taught at Georgian schools up till now.