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The Queen of Georgian and Russian romance

"Paradoxically, a Georgian singer hols the key to Russian romances. There are lots of Russian-born romance singers, of course, but none of them will outshine Bregvadze… Full of royal dignity, with irreproachable manners and taste, she conveys the very soul of the romance as perhaps no one else does"- Nina Yakhontova

Nani Georgievna Bregvadze was born On July 21, 1938 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Nani Bregvadze grew up in a family where music was much loved and esteemed.

"I've been signing ever since I learnt to speak. At six I sang the romance "Kalitka". How the adults laughed! I understood not a word in Russian but intended to "put all my soul into it". My future profession was in my genes".

After ending of musical school has arrived in musical technical school, and then became the student of the V.Saradzhishvili Tbilisi State Conservatory on a class of a piano (1958-1963).

1956 - solist of Orchestra of Tbilisi Politechnical Institute.

1959-1964 - soloist of the Tbilisi State Orchestra "Rero".

1964 - 1980 soloist of the rocking vocal group "Orera".

Later Nani made separate careers. She became the popular Russian romance singer of Georgian descent.

Incidentally, Nani's daughter Eka Mamaladze followed in her mother's footsteps and probably so will her granddaughter.

Nani Bregvadze is the People's Artists of the USSR (1983) and the People's Artist of Georgia (1974). Memorial stars in her honour were unveiled on the Star Square near the Kremlin in Moscow and in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

Filmography: Vremua nashego detstva (1987); Primite vyzov, senyory! (1982) (TV) (singing voice); Melodies of the Verijsky Quarter (1973) (singer);A Necklace for My Beloved (1972) - Aisha; Orera, sruli svlit (1967) (TV).


Boris Bregvadze

Artist, teacher and choreographer

Born On March 19, 1926.

In 1947-1967 Boris Bregvadze was a premier dancer with Kirov Ballet.

People's Artist of Russian federation (1957).

Professor of Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts since 1984.

He is teaching still at Vaganova Academy of Ballet in St Petersburg.

"Bregvadze, a master of dancing in a duet and of unlimited lyricism obviously had a propensity for dramatic foundation. And the heroic qualities in him were artistically realized.

He reigned in Don Quixote, Laurencia and La Bayadere. Character and genre traits were undeniably close to him. The diversified and ostentatious St. Petersburg public proclaimed him to be an idol."- Arkady Sokolov-Kaminsky. See more

See also about Yuri Stepanov-Bregvadze, pianist and composer with the English National Ballet School.


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